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Travel like a local with a USA SIM Card.

Have you ever landed in a country and had to shop around for a SIM card? It sucks. Maybe the telco will demand your passport; or your credit card; or try to sign you up for a long term plan. Or maybe they’ll do all these things at once while laughing at your Aussie accent.

No one likes being treated as an outsider, especially when you’ve landed at a foreign airport and simply want to book a hotel or update the folks back home on your arrival. With a USA SIM card, you can avoid these dramas entirely. We deliver a local USA SIM card to your mailing address in Australia before leaving on your travels. Just bring it with you and install it into your phone when departing and you’ll be ready to make calls or browse the internet as soon as the plane lands.

Our USA SIM Cards range includes the following options:

  • WiFi Only, 6GB and 22GB options
  • On America’s AT&T network
  • Unlimited calls to numbers in the USA, Canada and Mexico. It’s free for you to receive calls
  • Unlimited calls & texts to anyone using our USA sim card
  • Unlimited texts to Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico + 100 More. It’s free for you to receive texts
  • Hotspot availiabilty
  • Use your included data, calls and texts for no extra cost in Canada and Mexico

Choose from our Basic, Medium, or Large USA SIM Card plans.


How does it work?

You can use your own phone, iPad, Tablet or Wi-Fi hotspot without incurring expensive international roaming costs. We partner with overseas telecommunications companies to provide you, the traveller, with prepaid local mobile data, sms, and calls services whilst you are travelling. All the products are prepaid so there are no contracts. It’s easy and simple, the way that travel should be.

Do I need to unlock my phone?

Yes, you will require an unlocked device to use a USA SIM card.

If you arrive in the USA and your phone is locked (and you therefore can’t use your USA sim card) we cannot refund you under any circumstances. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that your phone is unlocked. If you arrive in the USA and your phone is locked, the sim card won’t work and you won’t get a refund.

Please note that we are unable to tell you if your phone is locked or unlocked. Please read all of the information below as it explains in details about how to unlock your phone, and how to check that it is unlocked.

Can I use the SIM Card as a Mobile Hotspot?

Yes, this the Medium plan supports use as a mobile hotspot as long as your handset or device also supports this feature. Unfortunately the Basic and Large plans do not support hotspot.

Will my phone work in the USA?

Firstly your mobile phone must be unlocked from your Australia Mobile service provider. If your phone is unlocked, then it must be compatible with the following frequencies.

The AT&T network operates on the following frequencies: 2G/EDGE: 850MHz and 1900MHz 3G/UMTS/HSPA+: 850MHz and 1900MHz LTE/4G: 700MHz, 1700MHz and 2100MHz.

This means that ALL iPhones are fully compatible for calls, SMS and high speed data/mobile web. All Wi-Fi/Cellular iPads (ie iPads with a sim card) are fully compatible for high speed data/mobile web.
Most other mobile phones, tablets, USB Modems and Wi-Fi hotspots are also compatible.

Can I call Australian or Non-USA numbers?

None of the USA sim card phone plans include calls to non-USA numbers. Examples of non-USA numbers include: Australian mobile numbers (even if the person is on International Roaming and standing next to you in Disneyland, you are still calling an Australian mobile number if you try to call them), many TravelSim mobile numbers (for example the Australia Post TravelSim comes with a mobile number from the country of Estonia).

Can I use the SIM Card in Canada or Mexico?

You can use either the Large or Medium plans in Mexico or Canada, as long as it is initially activated in the United States.

Does the SIM Card work in Hawaii?

Yes – Hawaii is a state of the U.S.

Why do I need a prepaid SIM card if I can use Global Roaming with my Australian provider?

That is a great question. Although you’re current provider may give you Global Roaming access, this is a very expensive way to travel. As an example one Telecommunication company in Australia charges $3 per MB for Global Roaming data used if you are travelling to the USA. Let’s assume that you use 1GB of data on your trip, then this would cost you $3,000. It sounds ridiculous, but this is the reality of global roaming. When you purchase a Prepaid SIM Card through TRVL, you are purchasing Mobile Data like a local, meaning that you get better value for money, plus there is no room for Bill shock at the end of your trip, because with a Prepaid SIM Card you cannot go over your allowance!

Which USA network does TRVL use?

TRVL issues sim cards on the AT&T mobile network – America’s largest nationwide mobile network, servicing the USA, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and giving voice, SMS and 3G/4G data. AT&T is America’s most reliable network and covers more than 99% of America’s population.
Should you have any issues whilst you are in the USA you can contact AT&T directly on their support line:

Ph: 800.901.9878

Hours: Mon – Fri 7am – 10pm Sat – Sun 9am – 7pm Local time (Source: https://www.att.com/contactus/index/wireless.html)

Where will I get coverage?

To view AT&T network coverage in a specific area please click here. (Source: https://www.att.com/maps/wireless-coverage.html)

(The coverage map shows the scope of your coverage area. Map depicts an approximation of outdoor coverage. Actual coverage area may differ substantially from area shown on map, as coverage may be affected by terrain, weather, foliage, buildings and other construction, signal strength, customer equipment and other factors which do not allow AT&T to guarantee coverage or network availability.)

How can I check if my phone is unlocked?

Not sure if your phone is unlocked? The only way to be certain is to put into your phone a sim card from a different network – if your phone connects to this different network then it’s unlocked! If you get an error message such as invalid sim or SOS only, then your phone is locked and you need to get it unlocked. This is the ONLY way to be 100% certain that your phone is unlocked. There is NO OTHER WAY to check if your phone is unlocked. When using a sim card from a different network, please be sure to use a different network sim card, not just a different company sim card.
For example, the mobile network “Amaysim” uses the Optus network, so using an Amaysim sim card is no use if you want to check if your phone is unlocked from the Optus network. Borrow a friend’s sim card or buy a $2 starter sim card from Woolworths, Safeway or Coles (there’s no need to activate that sim card or add credit to it – literally take it out of the packaging and put it into your phone). Again, we repeat: the only way to test if your phone is unlocked is to put into it a sim card from a different network and confirm that it connects to that different network. Please do not call or email us to ask if your phone is unlocked. We do not know.

How can I check my remaining data?

On your phone, dial *777*3# and then press call/dial. Your remaining data balance should appear on your screen.

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