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Ben T

24, an Entrepreneur and avid Traveller.

lives in: Adelaide

For how many days did you use the TRVL Wi-Fi device?

30 days

Was the internet connection consistently available to you from the TRVL Wi-Fi device?

Yes it was, it was much faster and stable than most WIFI connections that were available and worked well when travelling between countries in Europe, where multiple networks were required.

Were there any troubles with the internet connection?

Apart from some rare occasions when we travelling to remote areas (no phone reception), we had a reliable and fast connection available.

Did you find the TRVL Wi-Fi device easy to use?

I found the device very easy to you, with only one button, it required no time to set up and begin using the internet. The device was also very compact and fit nicely in my pocket or in my backpack when travelling around.

Were there any problems using the device while you were away?

 If so, what was the problem(s)?

When we were travelling on the train network between countries, we noticed that sometimes we could not get a connection. However, we also could not get phone connection so this was more of a 4G issue.

How quickly was the problem resolved?


Were you happy with the resolution?


Which country were you in when this problem occurred?


Did you find connecting other (up to 5) devices easy to do?

We connected to 3 devices while we were travelling and had no issues connecting multiple devices. The process was the same for each device and as each device remembered the WIFI details, all we had to do was turn on the TRVL WIFI device and had internet to all devices.

Did any of the devices have trouble connecting to the TRVL Wi-Fi device?


If so, what was the issue?
How was the issue resolved?

How did you find the customer service from TRVL before and after using the device?

Using TRVL WIFI device was very easy and well supported from before, during and after travel. Beforehand we were informed about the device capabilities and shown how to use. Although we did not need support during our trip, we were rest assured that help would be available if required. After travel and using the TRVL device, we found it easy to return the device and paid for the amount that we owed.

Is there any feedback  you would like to provide TRVL?

A great service and product that was extremely reliable and gave a fast internet connection in multiple countries that we travelled to. The service was reasonably inexpensive for the quality of connection and worked great as an extra source of internet when away from the hotel WIFI or when hotel WIFI was slow and unreliable (which was in most places). We found that we ended up using the TRVL WIFI device more than we had expected due to the speed and reliability of the device compared to our other WIFI sources.


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