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With Christmas right around the corner we thought we’d explore Christmas traditions from around the world. KFC chicken dinner in Japan, pooping figurines and hidden broom sticks are just some of the weird and wonderful traditions that takes place around our wonderful world. Let’s check them out

KFC Chicken Dinner – JAPAN

Every Christmas an estimated 3.6 million Japanese families treat themselves to a chicken dinner. But not just any chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken! The American fast-food chain leaks mile long queues of hungry locals, with wait times up to 10 times longer than usual.

“How did this all start?” You might ask. In the 1970’s, a former manager of a KFC branch, Takeshi Okawara, decided to sell a Christmas ‘party barrel’. The barrel was inspired by the American turkey dinner but with a twist. The twist being fried chicken instead of home-cooked turkey. Kentucky Christmas took off as Japan didn’t really have any Christmas traditions of their own. “At Christmas, you eat chicken” is the simple slogan that accompanies this yearly tradition.

Christmas Traditions from Around the World | Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Photo source: Daily Mail

The Hidden Broom – NORWAY

This tradition dates back to centuries ago when Norwegians believed Christmas eve brought along evil spirits and witches. Now, as we all know, a witches’ mode of transport is broom – so naturally, Norweigian folk began hiding their broomsticks.  If you’re reading this blog from Norway – let us know if you spot any hidden brooms anywhere!

Christmas Traditions from Around the World | Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Photo source: 1859 Oregon’s Magazine

Rolling with the ho-homies – VENEZUELA

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to dig out, dust off and dive into your old roller blades! Every year, on Christmas eve, kids in Caracas Venezuela tie pieces of string around their big toes. The end of the string leads all the way up to the nearest bedroom window. At 8am on Christmas morning, the streets are closed for the masses of skating adults who take to the streets to yank the pieces of string hanging from the windows. What a wake up call!

Pooping Figurines – SPAIN

Would you believe me if I told you that there’s a famous pooping figurine in Spain? Well – it’s true. In Catalan, Spain, a bare bummed figurine named Caganer exists. Caganer is depicted in the act of defecation and placed among the rest of the figurines in Nativity scenes. “El Caganer” means “the crapper” or “the shitter”. The tradition has spread across some part of the world with figurines of Trump, Obama, the Queen, the Pope and even Marilyn Monroe whipping down their plastic pants to join Caganer in the Navity scene!

Christmas Traditions from Around the World | Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Photo source: Amusing Planet

Kreepy Krapmus – AUSTRIA

Using my creative license here to misspell kreepy for alliteration impact.

Christmas is such a happy time! Rosey cheeked elves, smiling kiddies, a jolly Santa belting out hos of joy! On Christmas eve in most countries, children are warm and cosy in their beds. They feel safe and comforted to know that overnight the big guy will deliver all the presents they’ve been dreaming of… Not in Austria though…

In Austria you’ll find Santa’s Nemesis! A goat-like demon with horns, a hoof/claw combo and a scarily unpleasing looking tongue. Men dress up as Krampus and walk the streets of Austria scaring children. Krampus was created to scare children who had misbehaved, while Santa rewards the well behaved. Bet you’ll all be on your best behaviour this Christmas now…

Christmas Traditions from Around the World | Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Photo source: Vice

Pooping Log – SPAIN

As if the pooping figurines weren’t enough, Spain does it again with another Christmas tradition – pooping log. How do you make a log poop you ask?

  1. Cut out some wood from one of the bases
  2. Paint a face on the removable base
  3. Give it some legs
  4. Cover it with a blanket

From the 8th of December, children can “feed” the log until Christmas day when they can beat the pooping log with sticks until the candy falls out. Of course there’s a brilliant song must be sung whilst this is one – check it out below…

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