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Best Co-Working Spaces Around the World - Trvl. Mobile

If you read our last blog Digital Nomads: Who they are and what do they do? you might remember a reference to some of the challenges digital nomads face. One of them being that the distraction challenge! Netflix, YouTube and Facebook are only a click away – so it’s easy to get distracted from your work. That’s why co-working spaces have become so popular. Here’s our list of the best co-working spaces around the world…

Dojo Bali – Bali, Indonesia

Located just one minute from the beach Dojo is a super cool co-working space and café. It’s got a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and is fully equipped with everything you need to slay your workload! Dojo host regular events with the community including knowledge sharing, think-tanks, master-minds, workshops, community BBQs, skill sharing sessions, networking events, inspirational events and social meetups. It has a pool, air-con, a solid WiFi connection, meeting and conference rooms, hot showers and conference rooms. Did I mention it’s one minute from the beach? Yes. I did – but I can’t stress that enough! I give Dojo a big fat five out of five!

Best Co-Working Spaces Around the World - Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Image source: Dojo Bali Facebook

KAPTÁR – Budapest, Hungry

Budapest is hands down my favourite European city! It’s cheap, creative and so different to anywhere else in Europe. It’s also the home of the Sziget Festival – a 7 day music festival on the Sziget Island on Budapest. But that’s a whole other blog in itself! This co-working space is easy to access with public transport and fully equipped with all the facilities you need to get through your working day. My favourite thing about this co-working space is the natural light. There’s plenty of it! Some of my co-workers favourite thing about it… It’s dog friendly!

Best Co-Working Spaces Around the World - Trvl. Mobile

Image source: KAPTÁR Facebook Page

Cape Town Office – Cape Town, South Africa

This two-storey trends co-working space is located in my most favourite city in the world – Cape Town, South Africa. The space has a mix of freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Cape Town Office is located in a buzzing part of the city near Bree Street which is known as Cape Town’s coolest restaurant strip. Check out Culture Trip’s list of places to see on Bree Street. I recommend Burger & Lobster!

Best Co-Working Spaces Around the World - Trvl. Mobile

Image source: Cape Town Office Website

Brick+Mortar Creative – Adelaide, Australia

I found this little gem a few weeks ago and it definitely goes in my list of best co-working spaces! The space lends itself to the creative type, but anyone is welcome to work there. Bricks+Mortar offer the space to tenants, workers, artists and designers. They host workshops and events and have an excellent café that serve up fresh and delicious food. The space is artsy, minimalist and more suited to an individual who isn’t necessarily after the buzz of a co-working space.

Best Co-Working Spaces Around the World - Trvl. Mobile

Image Source: Bricks+Mortar Website

The Beach! Anywhere!

The benefits of being a digital nomad means you can work from anywhere in the world. Literally – anywhere. So that means the beach. If you’re planning a travel trip and need speedy, stable and secure WiFi so you can work from the beach send us a message. We’ll hook you up with a mobile WiFi device so you can stay connected anywhere in the world.

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