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Status update from the statue of liberty? Easy.

Want to tag your mates at a London night spot? Go for it! This is the stuff that matters – sharing the fun with your friends and creating memories. TRVL makes communication possible for travellers with hotspot devices that allow five (5) devices to be connected to the internet – bring your mobile, laptop, I-pad or tablet on the journey and never be more than a call, text, email or tweet away from loved ones.


About Us

TRVL is an Australian business helping Australians travel freely by providing travelers with constant secure high-speed internet coverage via a portable, light weight hotspot. Our customers are able to maintain and track their normal phone and internet usage whilst they travel overseas. The list of overseas locations in which you can access the internet is growing… it is 90 countries so far! Using the portable, secure hotspot overseas gives great value for money on internet access.


Founded in 2014, TRVL is an Australian business helping Australians travel freely by providing travelers with safe, cost effective internet access overseas. TRVL is lead by Founder and frequent traveller Alex Tripodi.

Often when abroad, all you want is the understanding of a fellow Aussie – someone who knows the lingo. Someone who knows what ‘lingo’ even means. Our local team and support services are here to help out when you have a question about the portable hotspot devices or want to know the footy scores.

Our customers are Australians that want to see the world! Whether you are a soul searching, adventure seeking, selfie chasing traveler or a quiet, reserved hotel hopping well organized traveler, Trvl is happy to help you keep connected on your travels.

TRVL would like to assist your travels, whether you are taking a gap year; business professionals visiting family back home in Colorado; nomads backpacking across Europe; or on tour for business, school or sports events.

The hotspot device was developed because we heard our customers feedback. People want the freedom to connect multiple devices to the internet whether they are travelling alone or with others.


Why we do it?

We believe everyone should travel with a cheap, easy and safe way to stay connected with loved one and do what they are to do. We believe that Australians have the incredible privilege to explore other places and cultures; to indulge our curiosity and have a look at what’s going on over there.


That is why we want to help our customers talk, text, snap, chat, and document their way around the world by bringing their phone, laptop, I-pad, tablet and other devices on the journey.

Portable TRVL hotspots arrive at your place well before you leave!

Purchased online and delivered to your Australian residential or business address these TRVL products give you the peace of mind to know that you will remain connected overseas. TRVL products takes seconds to get working and when you touch down at your destination the internet will be right there with you. TRVL would like you to get your devices two days before you travel, please make your order as early as possible to ensure a timely delivery. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you have.

Whether you’re setting off on your first adventure or making regular trips to visit family, TRVL wants to keep you connected, safe, and feeling at home with complete access to your internet, apps.

And more……

Keeping connected with you is important to us. TRVL welcomes your feedback and development ideas. TRVL is also wanting to stay connected with you by sharing travel information via our blog posts and social media.

We wish you safe and secure travels.


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