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5 Tips To Travel Ethically - Trvl. Mobile WiFi

As more and more people travel the world, it’s become really important to create awareness around ethical travel. Supporting local communities and respecting different cultures, wildlife and the environment pretty much sums up the key things you can do play your part.  Some travellers simply just aren’t aware of the impact they have on local communities from simple choices they make when they travel. So this blog offers 5 tips to travel ethically…

1. Support locals

Live like the locals live. If you do, not only will you save money but you’ll be practising one of the easiest ways to travel ethically. Ask around, or Google local markets in the area to buy locally-sourced products. Take a walk to find hidden gems to grab a meal (rather than hitting up the big chains or tourist spots.) The food is cheaper and usually far more nutritious!  Additionally, you can sleep at family owned guest houses. Or use Airbnb to book your accommodation.  Supporting locals not only keeps money in the community, but opens up unique experiences too 🙂

5 Tips to Travel Ethically - Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Image source: Pexels

2. Avoid dubious activities with animals

I’ll be honest and say I’ve had my fair share of elephant riding and tiger stroking. But, this was before I learned that some activities with animals are not particularly ethical.  The training and treatment of  animals can be brutal. Paying to ride or pet them keeps the ill treatment of animals afloat. Part of travelling is experiencing the country’s wildlife, so this is by all means encouraged. However, do some research before your visit to find places where animals are kept in their natural environment or are affiliated with World Animal Protection companies.

5 Tips for Travelling Ethically - Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Image source: Pexels

3. Volunteer

A great way to travel ethically is to volunteer your time to the local community. Find local community projects that need volunteers to hang out kids, chat to the older folk or to teach a skill. Some countries offer programs where you can teach locals dancing, sewing, crafting or a sport. The best thing you can give is your time. If you’re visiting orphanages, be conscious of giving sweets or gifts. These may make the kids happy, but your time is far more valuable and important for their development.

5 Tips for Travelling Ethically - Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Image source: Pexels

4. Respecting culture

Always be respectful towards the local people and their culture.  It can be a challenge to behave differently to what you’re used to, but respecting culture is another easy way to ensure you’re travelling ethically .

  • Avoid taking photos without permission.
  • Be mindful of your clothing if you’re visiting a sacred location, church or temple.
  • Learn basic cultural etiquette.

Just do your best and enjoy the experience of following cultural mannerisms or behaviours.

5 Tips for Travelling Ethically - Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Image source: Pexels

5. Plan your routes

If you plan on travelling to a few different places, carefully plan out your route. Planning your route to avoid unnecessary flights or modes of transport that release harmful gasses and pollutants into the environment. It’s not always easy but use bicycles, electric trains and walk whenever you can!

5 Tips for Travelling Ethically - Trvl. Mobile WiFi

Image source: Pexels

Thank you for reading this blog on how to travel ethically! We hope you found it helpful 🙂 Planning a trip? Trvl. Mobile WiFi modems will keep you connected! Rent Now.

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